Pyro City Donates Over $1,000 to Active Heroes Program

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The Pyro City location in Clarksville, IN has partnered with several charities that have all been military-based the last couple of years. This year, between July 1-4, they gave $10 for every Light Brigade sold to the Active Heroes organization. We are proud to say they gave $1,110 to the program!

Active Heroes mission is to end veteran suicide. Troy Yocum started the Active Heroes program after his grandfather, whom was a veteran, committed suicide due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. Yocum also served in the Army and was deployed to Iraq. After seeing his friends struggle with the same issues his grandfather did, he decided to raise awareness.

In April 2010, Yocum went on a 17-month journey hiking across America. He became the first veteran to walk the length of three times across America and raised $1.3 million for military families. Since then, Active Heroes has established programs to help combat veteran suicide.

Active Heroes has national programs in every state and regional programs as well.

Other Pyro City locations have also implemented similar fundraising efforts for their local community by partnering with organizations like Active Heroes.


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