Shopping for fireworks: Your $500 Show

$500 fireworks show

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Its red, white and boom season and we are so excited to welcome everyone back to our Pyro City stores. To help make your holiday weekend more memorable, we have put together the perfect family fireworks fun package to help you celebrate.

We are starting from the ground up with one of the most traditional firework items – Super snaps and Ground Blooms. These super loud noisemakers are fun to throw on the ground and light off with huge crackling and titanium sparkling chrysanthemums. Next, we have fountains and rockets with all kinds of assorted effects and colors. For this budget, we recommend at least two six shot artillery shells. Two new items are the Neon Diablo and Koto Collection Special Ring Shell six shots kits. Each one has big breaks, super sharp unique and colorful effects. We also recommend combining a handful of heavy cakes with larger 500 gram multi-shots. This gives you a variety of effects and keep the show going. To end the show, we always recommend some type of finale cake. This year, we are loving Color War a 48-shot cake that has tons of yellow, red, blue, green and purple colors with glitter and mines!

Watch this video for more details!


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