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#1 fireworks company in Marriott Slaterville, Utah

Fireworks in Marriott Slaterville, Utah

Looking for fireworks in Marriott Slaterville, Utah? Shop the 4th of July fireworks at this seasonal tent location for the best firework deals.

Shop for fireworks at the Marriott Slaterville, Utah, at our seasonal tent location

We are open June 27–July 5, 2023.

You’ll find the best fireworks for July 4 at the lowest prices. You’ll find a wide variety of Black Cat fireworks and everything from novelty items to multi-shots, fountains, artillery shells, family packs, rockets, roman candles, sparklers, and more!

We are also open from July 21–25, 2023, to help you celebrate Pioneer Days in Utah. Celebrate this state holiday in Utah with fireworks for Pioneer Days.

Hours: 10 a.m.–10 p.m.

Marriott Slaterville, Utah Tent

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