multi-shot fireworks

Fireworks in Marriott Slaterville, Utah

Marriott Slaterville, Utah | Tent

2000 W Pioneer road
Marriott Slaterville, UT, 84404

Open Seasonally June 27 – July 5
July 21 – July 25 for Pioneer Days



Shop for fireworks in Marriott Slaterville,  Utah at our seasonal tent location

We are open June 27 – July 5 2023

You’ll find the best fireworks for 4th of July at the lowest prices. You’ll find a wide variety of Black Cat fireworks and everything from novelty items to multi-shots, fountains, artillery shells, family packs, rockets, roman candles, sparklers and more!

We are also open from July 21 – July 25 2023 to help you celebrate Pioneer Days in Utah. Celebrate this state holiday in Utah with fireworks for Pioneer Days.

Hours: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

multi-shot fireworks
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