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Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer season which means Fourth of July is just around the corner and we are sharing our biggest Pyro Tip of the season.

Shop early!

Last year, Fourth of July was huge for the fireworks industry and we are so thankful for everyone who shopped for fireworks and were able to celebrate safety at home. Since then, it has been a whirl wind of a year! From fireworks to lumber to bikes and car parts, the story is same – there is a shortage.  Over the last twelve months, the fireworks industry has faced many manufacturing challenges, logistical issues overseas, in U.S. ports and with our domestic trucking industry.

2021 Fourth of July will be one of the first official gathering since the pandemic hit and we are so ready to gather again and make new memories! With that in mind, we highly recommend our customers shop early to get the fireworks they want. Like last year, customers will have the option to buy online and pick up in-store.

Take a listen to Kevin, Owner of Pyro City Sioux Falls.

2021 Fireworks Season: Video Transcript

Here we go! We are getting close to the 2021 fireworks season and I keep getting asked what is the biggest advice I can give this year. And this year it’s easy. Shop early. The fireworks industry, we are no different than any other good or commodity out there – lumber, refrigerators, go right down the list. There is a shortage, and it is real. Fireworks – our supply chain has been disrupted and shipping has been delayed. Good news is, going into the season. We are stocked. We have an amazing selection. We are starting out with that good inventory and we want to you to have the selection and availability. When we get to the 3rd and 4th which are our busiest days, there is going to be some items that are low in stock. But if you shop early, you can get what you want. Big pyro tip. Shop early!


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