Artillery Shells: Canister Shell vs. Ball Shell

Artillery Shells

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Shopping for fireworks is fun! The music, the rush, fun packaging, product names. The staff in bright colored shirts – it screams fun, and we love it.

One of our top selling product categories is artillery shells. When customers ask, “where’s the big stuff?” we take them to this section. Eyes begin to widen, and customers start turning over the artillery shell kits and reading and watching the effects, they see the bright colors and wonder what makes each artillery shell kit unique.

Artillery shell kits typically come with one to four tubes and have six, 12 or 24 shots. Sometimes with double or triple breaks, meaning one shell can burst multiple times in the air. When shopping for artillery shells, you will see two types of shells – canister shells and ball shells. Each has a different performance or look in the sky. Watch our short video on the difference between canister shells and ball shells to see which one you want for your show.

Artillery Shells Video Script:

A question we get quite frequently, and it’s a great question, is about artillery shells. These get called a lot of different things – artillery shells, reloadables, mortar shells. Basically, ball and a canister. A miniature version of what they use at professional fireworks show, just on a consumer level. There is a difference in performance. Ball shells are still going to get that 100 – 125-inch impact. But its going to be more of a perfectly round effects in the sky. Canisters is more of an intricate effect, a harder break upcharge for that noise. And also, a lot bigger stars which means better colors. If you have questions, shop some place reputable. Ask the questions, we want to help you out.


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