How to shoot a firework

How to shoot a firework

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With more people than ever before shooting off fireworks, we wanted to make sure our customers have the safety information they need to have a successful and safe 4th of July fireworks show.

About our industry

Overall, the fireworks industry has made great progress in improving fireworks quality and partners with a variety of agencies such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure importers and retail stores follow regulations. One organization, The American Pyrotechnic Association’s mission is to encourage safety in design & use of all types of fireworks, to provide industry information and support to its members, and to promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry.

To further their mission, they created the Safety Foundation, 501 c(3) charitable organization focused on creating fireworks safety and education programs for youth. The organization produces videos, curriculum kits, safety flyers, poster and color sheets for children. Here is a fun video from the animated character, Dr. Sparkz.

Safety Tips

What are our top safety tips? We have a entire page on our website dedicated to safety. To keep you safe, here are our top six safety tips. Our full list of safety information can be found here.

  • Always have a sober adult in charge of the fireworks. Have a designated shooter.
  • Read the instructions and warning labels on each firework.
  • Keep fireworks on a hard, flat surface with nothing flammable. Secure your fireworks with two cinder blocks.
  • Never put any part of your body over the firework while lighting it.
  • Have a budget of water near by and which finished, soak in the water.

How to shoot a firework

Along with understanding the safety of fireworks, we also want you to know the correct process and supplies you will need to light a firework. We have put together a short demo video on what you will need to light a firework.  Watch, Gabby, our Pyro Expert walk you through the process.


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